Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What they See

He takes me to the window, small, dirty, crisscrossed with old chicken wire, and points across the street  to something that seems to be a monster being born not of a living creature but of a building. Seeing this obscene thing is a shock; what is worst is seeing the people passing to and fro beneath it, intent on plotting their day's business or planning their evening's pleasure; they pass to and fro and do not look up
None of the look up. I hear him say it again: "We do not see them but they see us." ~ Stephen king

 This passage is from text written by Stephen King for a book called Nightmare in the Sky

After reading this passage I couldnt stop thinking about my visit to Norte Dame Catheral. I was a rainny day. People say Paris is more beautiful in the rain. It is especially true about seeing Norte Dame, because many of the gargoyles act as downspouts to move the water away from the building. Only in the rain can you see the cascade of water flowing from their mouths.
We began the climb to the top via this narrow, winding stairway. It's quite a workout but it's worth the climb for the spectacular views that await you at the top. My wife made this climb  and she had a heart attack a year before. A slow and steady pace is whats necessary to make it to the top. Stop and take in the views from the little windows. There is no hurry, no time limit.
Gargoyles sit atop the catheral keeping an on going vigle of the city below. Stephen King words come to mind. "We do not see them but they see us." ~  Birds and gargoyles are privilaged to  the most spectacular views of  Paris that you can imagine. Think of the changes they witnessed over the centuries that have past. What would they say if they could speak? Would they leave their post if they could?
Through the eyes of a gargoyle
Think about the changes they have seen come to be... cars, airplanes, medicine, war and peace. Has our society changed for the better or for the worst. Why haven't they said anything  or did they and we just didn't pay attention. Remember..."We do not see them but they see us." Do we not hear them too?

My daughter Lisa caught my attention near top of the catheral and I framed this photograph of her with the gargoyles. The rain had stopped and it was beautiful to just take in the view and wonder what it would be like to be one of these sentenals of the catheral. My daughter let me know...
Lisa the Gargoyle

Later that evening we had a dinner crusie on the Seins as we past Notre Dame I looked up at the gargoyles and I did see them because I know they saw me.

Boun Jour!


  1. Lovely post, I like the references to the Stephen King text.
    Lisa makes a great gargoyle, although still too pretty, even with that face!

  2. Beautiful post. I thought I'd read all Stephen King but I think I have missed Nightmare in the Sky! I will have to look it up.

    1. Stephen King wrote this passage as forward to a photo book called Nightmares in the Sky

  3. I love this post. Kind of leaves me speechless. :)