Saturday, February 18, 2012

Black Truffle Risotto

I was always a fan of using truffle oil in my cooking, according to critics around the world, is a cheap imitation for the real thing. However,I was lucky to try this interpretation of the classic Italian dish covered in shavings of pure black truffles. This sent tears rolling down my cheeks. The art of risotto is in the preparation of the rice and in this dish each morsel was soft and fluffy and the shavings of black truffle added a rich flavor. I wonder if my dogs could be trained to hunt truffles? Hmmm! Molly would eat them before I could take them from her, Bella couldn't be bothered, because she usually has her own agenda when we get into the woods and Blue would just as soon take a nap in the warm sunshine instead of hunting anything.
Maybe I'll be lucky and get a second helping...Now what wine to choose?

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  1. Well, you've got my stomach growling and my mouth watering again! That looks delicious! I just used some Lindemans Bin 65 in my marinara sauce, the left over would go great with your risotto!