Saturday, December 31, 2011

Getting ready for the New Years Plunge

Cheers everyone! Have a safe New Years Eve. I'm  getting ready for tomorrow's New Years Plunge in to Narragansett Bay. Enjoy your evening.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paw Prints 2011

   Molly, my yellow lab lumbers down the trail without any observance to a schedule. She leaves her tracks in the sand and quietly take a seat next to me.
    Trail are about signs and landmarks. Animals leave their signatures and mark their passage with scat, urine, bones, heaps of fur, feathers, sheds of skin, and of course footprints. Bella, one of my beagles reads the trail data like the lines of a story. As she runs by, her nose to the ground she adds her set of tracks to the trail.  On a hot scent, she sounds the alarm and alerts Blue, my other beagle. He quickly joins in the pursuit, leaving behind his own contribution to the trail. We become part of the story, matching all the other legs and feet that have left odoriferous and warm directions scribed into its surface. I use vision and reasoning to read the trail. The dogs use vision, smell and instinct, but we all contribute-compacting the earth with a new verse. I don't know how the story ends, but its been interesting and enjoyable so far. Its the journey that makes life interesting not the destination.
The new year is rapidly approaching. So, this is a good time to reflect what makes our journey through life interesting and enjoyable.