Thursday, February 16, 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

I've met some amazing and interesting people through my blog and it was a great surprise  to find that I have been honoured with The Versatile Blogger Award. Tracey at Breathing English Air kindly present me with this prestigious award and in accepting I need to follow a few simple rules.
  1. add the award to your blog
  2. Thank the blogger who gave you the award
  3. Mention 7 random things about yourself
  4. List the rules
  5. Pass the Award to15 bloggers
  6. inform each of those 15 by leaving a comment on their blog
Seven random things about myself
  1. Ilove to travel
  2. I enjoy good wine and sharing with friends.
  3. I like to visit big cities but love living in the country.
  4. I like to cook because I love to eat!
  5. I'm a dog person.
  6. I try to learn something new everyday.
  7. I never, never, never, never give up!
I have forwaded The Versatile Blogger Award to:


  1. Congratulations on your award! Some interesting random things you shared. I laughed at the "like to cook love to eat" comment. I can relate to that! Thank you so much for passing it on to us! I am a little behind on my awards but am starting to get to them now....slowly. LOL!

  2. Well I just had to pass it on to a dog person! Our boy is in disgrace at the moment. He chewed through the light wires in my car so I now have no rear indicator or brake lights, and then he wallowed in a filthy, stinking pond in the woods. Not content on being dirty himself, he jumped all over the beagle and they both ended up in the shower. He's now sleeping like a baby!