Monday, February 20, 2012

A Potters Touch

I decided to take a walk today, along the way  as I past my neighbor's barn and art studio.Bob Fishmen's artwork, wheel thrown at his private studio in North Scituate, Rhode Island, has been exhibited in more than 100 museum stores, gift shops and galleries across the United States.
After earning his bachelor´s degree in Art Education in 1974 from Rhode Island College, Robert accepted an apprenticeship at the renowned Leach Pottery, St. Ives, Cornwall, England. Robert worked and studied for two years with Bernard and Janet Leach, expanding upon the fundamentals he learned as a student at RIC under the guidance of Harriet Brisson and Richard Kenyon.

Robert opened his own studio in January of 1980 and has been creating beaitiful pieces ever since.
I enjoy stopping by his studio in the barn, I have had many enjoyable conversations, with bob and his wife, sittng near the kiln on a cold winter's day or sitting by the Koi pond on his property in the summer time enjoying  a cool breeze.

  I call bob my potter, Many people can claim some one as the plumber, Carpenter, painter, baker, or cook... but how many people are lucky enough to claim they have a potter.


  1. Beautiful! What a treat being able to visit his studio.
    I know St Ives well as Cornwall was an annual holiday destination for us when the kids were younger.

  2. It is always fascinating to watch a potter at work. Apologies for not calling by to comment very often, time just seems to get swallowed up by real life!

  3. That's pretty cool to have your own potter!

  4. Wow, Olddog, your right. Not many of us can say we have a "potter". Great work. I bet it is nice to go over and watch and visit. Looks like great work also. Hope ya'll are staying warm in your neck of the woods.

  5. I think I'd rather have a potter than a plumber! His work is beautiful. Are you ever inspired to try your hand on his potter's wheel?