Monday, February 6, 2012

A Good day

Today was a great day. My son graduated "A-School" and earn the rank of petty officer in the Coast Guard. A-School stands for advanced training school where coast guardsmen complete their specialize training.                       
The Commander called his name and presented my son with his diploma. He asked that my son to remain on stage, because there were more accolades to be acknowledged. My son was presented another citation recognizing him as honor graduate, ranking him as the  number one student in his class. Because he was ranked as number one in the class, my son also became a member of the organization called the Ancient Order of The Pterodactyl. This fraternal association is open to all pilots who had flown or were flying Coast Guard aircraft. The organization was later expanded to included all personnel who flew in Coast Guard aircraft under official orders. Only those who have willfully placed themselves in harms way and have known that innermost feeling which comes from the personal experience which results in the saving of life or property can understand the bonding and uniqueness of Coast Guard aviation crew members.
  We are very proud of our son and all members of the US Coast Guard. As we drove home from North Carolina we caught the ferry into Cape May, NJ, I caught this beautiful sunset as we pulled into the harbor of Cape May. I took it as a sign that God has smile upon us and gave us a great son.
 A Proud Dad,
~Old dog~


  1. Congratulations to your son, you have every right to be a proud dad, what and achievement.
    The sunset was beautiful, the perfect ending to a perfect day by the look of it.

  2. Congratulations!! You must be soooo proud!!