Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Walk in the Rain

A rainy afternoon, so I went for a short walk. The golden chain tree was in bloom and I was afraid that the rain would knock all the flowers of before I could enjoy them.

 Molly was happy to be out, she loves water and rain is as good as going to the pond. as long as she's wet she's happy. The beagles were barking to go in.  Blue would rather sprawl out on the couch with Bella.

I stopped by the nursery to see how some of the baby grape vines I started, in the greenhouse, this winter are doing after transplanting them outdoors. looks like they are off to a good start. Two more years I should see some grapes from them.

Yes, there are weeds. They help keep the roots from drying out. When they become a nuisance I'll cultivate them in for some added compost.
Blue is annoyed. enough with the plants lets go inside.