Saturday, March 5, 2011

Something New At Yellow Dog Farms

It was a balmy 55 degrees here today. The snow is rapidly melting and the grass is starting to appear  from under the blanket of snow left by our friend "Old Man Winter". I went out and sat on the patio after dinner tonight and enjoyed a good cigar.

The aroma of  fresh earth rose from the exposed grass and I could hear the cry of baby squirrels in their nest from the old oak tree near the patio. My senses have been aroused and I have a feeling that spring is just around the corner. I can help but imagine what opportunities  this summer will bring.

There will be something new on the horizon at Yellow Dog Farms. Lemoncello. My wife Susan and I had this delicious digestivo many years ago at our favorite restaurant, Saraceno's, in the North end of Boston.  After a wonderful  meal of some of the best Italian food since mama, our waiter, Marcello, brought out this delicious drink. It's called a disgestivo because it is said to aid in the digestion after a heavy meal.

My wife Susan and I traveled all throughout Italy. It was on the island of Capri where we discovered many lemoncello stands. This refreshing drink is served chilled and is very refreshing on a hot summer's day. We were introduced to a nice Italian family, the Paganos. They have been  making  lemoncello  for three generations and we had an opportunity to tour their farm. Orlindo, the head of the family treated us to a fantastic lunch in his lemon grove and we talked about how this delicious elixir is made.

The wonderful yellow coloring comes from the peels of lemons and reminds me of our yellow lab Molly, and namesake of Yellow Dog Farm.

We peeled over two thousand lemons to produce our first bottling of our lemoncello. It will be made in small quantities until I can test the market in our area.

I have been at the drawing board all week trying to design the label for our new venture. 
Until my next posting...Cheers


  1. Wow!!! That sounds exciting. So fun to try something new. You are brave to make so much your first time out. I hope it's at great as you remember. Pam

  2. Pam if it doesn't work out I have a big party.

  3. i think it would be an order for me to purchase and to have one bottle shipped out to california, don't you think? your venture sounds exciting! glad spring is almost there. and, yes, i got ahold of the lab and figured out my amendment problem! seeds should be planted in a week or so.

  4. I'm glad you were able to work out soil additives, Best of luck with the garden.

  5. We love limoncello. I look forward to trying some

  6. Hey! You inspired me to try and make some lemoncello. I did and it turned out great. Much more potent than I am used too. Can't wait to share with some freinds and family. Thanks for the inspiration! Pam

  7. It sounds wonderful and in the desert there are many parched throats! Best of luck on your new venture. Will be waiting to see how this turns out and when you will start taking orders.
    Have a wonderful day!