Monday, March 21, 2011

Old Friends

  I spent many hours sitting under this grape vine when I was a kid.
It is now one of my oldest vines.The original vine was planted by my grandfather around 1920. My father took a cutting back in the early 60's and it grew in his yard for over thirty years. We enjoyed delicious jelly, some fantastic wine and tasty fruit produced from this vine.

When my father passed away in the late 90's, I took a chance and transplanted this vine at Yellow Dog Farm. It occupies a place of high honor and we still enjoy the rewards from her fruit. I have made many cuttings from this plant to increase the vineyard.


  1. Very cool. I'm glad it still lives on for you. Aren't plants great? Being able to take pieces and grow a full plant out it? How very special for you.

  2. I am your latest, newest follower...don't for one moment think it was your rugged photo that had anything to do with it, or your very sweet comment on my was your gorgeous yellow dogs! :)

    I am actually really pleased to have met you and I know I'm going to enjoy following you! I am also going to point you (gently) in the direction of a blogger named Linda (@ The Squashed Tomato blogspot) - I'm sure you'd enjoy her blog (food and wine, but really so very much more!) and I have a feeling she'd like to meet you, too.

    I love this post (my first introduction to you) resonates deeply with me.

    Have a great day!

  3. I don't believe it! In the time I disappeared to have a look at some of your latest posts, you've managed to snag another follower, who is now ahead of me on the list! Here I was thinking I'd at least be special for a day!

    Oh well...that's how it goes when you offer such a great will be followed!

    Congratulations on the recent marriage of your son to his lovely bride...and for the reminder to treasure every moment we have with our precious loved ones!

    Hope you'll always only have beautiful dreams on those occasions you remember them :)

    I'll be back!

  4. Welcome to News From Italy as my newest follower, thankyou for your interest in sharing my little piece of Italy. I will look forward to your comments and getting to know you as I follow back.

  5. A beautiful post, what amazing memories to have! Isnt nature wonderful giving us hope of new beginnings and the fact that it will all still be here when we are long gone! Have a great week!

  6. What a wonderful blog! Thank you so much for following me over at The Squashed Tomato and I am very excited to be following you - you have such gorgeous dogs! I have a little rescue pup called Romeo and he is the absolute light of my life. I look forward to reading your future posts and finding out more about life at the Yellow Dog Farm.