Tuesday, March 1, 2011


It actually took a full week to recuperate from the wedding. Molly and I have spent the last three days hiding in my office. The phone has not stopped ringing, people have been calling to tell us what a wonderful time they had at the wedding.This is especially great to hear.

Sunday was a sad day because the kids had to leave to report back to their respective Coast Guard stations.

Joseph had a fifteen hour dive back to North Carolina. twenty minutes from his apartment he received a call from his ship that he had to report as soon as possible because they had a rescue mission.
Gwen is on her way back to her base on Kodiak Island in Alaska.  A 26 hour journey.

This newly married couple won't be together again until October.  Their devotion to duty is truly inspirational and they accept their separation as part of their duty. Until then we all throw ourselves into our work so we do not dwell on the time apart. Soon our daily task will over take our minds so we can endure the time apart.

Having this time together was truly a joy that does the heart good. When the day came to say goodbye many tears were shed and it was a reminder to live everyday as if it were your last.
"To the newlyweds all my blogger friends,"
Peace, Love, and Happiness. All the days of our Lives,
~Old dog~


  1. Wow! I can't imagine being newly married and having to spend so much time apart... Inspirational indeed!

    What a gorgeous fireplace... it looks like you have a wonderful place to hide and recover!

  2. I agree! That is just awe inspriring. Hope they both have safe trips and will be able to be together soon. Thank you for the wonderful words of wisdom. Take care of yourself.