Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm glad you're Home

Molly enjoying the sun and waiting for me to come out and play. Its the highlight of my day. when I pull the car down the drive and the three dogs are waiting for me to come home. I am welcomed with yelps and big sloppy kisses. Now, who wouldn't say that  wasn't the best part of their day.
well enjoy your after noon me and molly are going to play with the "stick"


  1. That really is the best part of coming home isn't it! Love that picture of Molly!

  2. She is beautiful.
    Our elderly beagle, who only came to us aged 12, used to get up and stand by the front door about 5 minutes before husband came home. It didn't matter what time he arrived, she would always follow this routine.

  3. Molly is beautiful. I agree...I love coming home to our Baron. Nobody is happier to see you than your doggy!