Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bud Burst - Pinot Noir


Spring sees the vines awake from their dormant period over winter. As sunshine increases, the buds begin to burst. The majority of our vines at now at the stage of "full swell". Some are at "bud burst" and a few are showing "first leaf".

This is a risky time in the vineyard as a severe frost can burn the buds. At worse this can result in the entire season's crop being lost. Whilst global warming is generally assisting viticulture, too much sunshine to early in spring means that the vines will be vulnerable to frost for longer.

Various attempts are often made to protect against frost including lighting oil heaters in the rows, spraying the vines with a chemical solution to form a seal around the buds, orLarge vineyards even using helicopters to get air circulation. We can't use the chemicals or the helicopter as were organic so I guess I might be up tonight lighting oil lamps!

Let's hope that Jack Frost won't catch us out!


  1. I too hope they stay safe from the frost. It is such an encouraging sight seeing the buds and first leaves again.

  2. I hope your vines stay safe from the frost. I love the saying "bud burst". It just sounds like spring!