Sunday, January 2, 2011

Morning Mist

It was a balmy 50 degrees today,
resulting in a very foggy morning. Our small town, Scituate,  is where the reservoir for most of the states drinking water is located.

 On mornings like this, when the water temperature and the temperature of the air are different, a fog will emanate from the lake. This can have dramatic effects for those who take the time to stop and observe what nature provides. The town's name is derived from an Indian word meaning " Big Mist". It's not hard to understand what the Nipmunc  Indians were thinking when they named this area.

 At the break of dawn, the quiet can sometimes be deafening in a small town. The only sound today,  was the rush of the water falling over the horseshoe dam.l

This dam was designed to give the maximum surface area in a confined area so that a largest volume  of water could flow in such a small space. Hence, it's  shape a horseshoe.

 In fact the story or History of the Situate  reservoir is quite interesting.  Built in 1914, Seven whole villages were flooded to create the reservoir. All the Homes, Mills, and schools were destroyed and historic cemeteries moved to create the states water supply. But this is a story for another day. I'm just going to sit and listen to the water and soak in the views for a while .

~old dog~


  1. your town sounds so peaceful. i like the pictures. no wonder you love to get out and walk every day when you have stuff like that to look at! i bet it really grounds and prepares you for each day.

  2. These are BEAUTIFUL pictures! For me morning is the best time of the day. Unfortunately, my morning walks during the week are from the house to the truck so I can get to work. But at the same time I am grateful to be working. Thanks for sharing these photos they are fantastic!

  3. Happy New Year!
    I love misty mornings too. The photos remind me of foggy days in the valley when I was a kid.