Thursday, January 13, 2011

Horse Play

 A good old fashion, nor'easter  can be dangerous. These blizzard can last for days and can bury us under feet of snow.   
We had another visit from the old man last night and he left us with twenty inches of snow.

After shoveling for six hours I finally could spend some time to enjoy the day. I paid a visit to my neighbors.

They are both accomplished equestrians. Their barn is adorned with the many ribbons they have won in competitions, but today was different, today was just fun and what they call good, old fashion horse play.
Make way for Comet

And the fun begins

Riding tall
 This was a fun afternoon. We survived another blizzard, cleared out from under tons of snow, spent time outdoors with friends and family. Now its time for hot coco with marsh mellows. Lets see what tomorrow will bring.
 Until then "Enjoy life",
~Old Dog~


  1. These pictures make me long for snow. They are beautiful.

  2. wow, i can't imagine! what a beautiful sight. so glad you got out and enjoyed. this california girl gets cold on her horse when it's 35 degrees! i don't know if i could hack it there, ha ha.

  3. Looks like fun...

    I have become a "fair weather rider" in recent years and I need to remember how much fun it is to ride in the rain or snow. Thanks for sharing the pictures - looks like a great snow day.

  4. these are great snow pictures. and you have much more snow than we do, and we have a lot.