Sunday, December 26, 2010

Waiting out the Blizzard

Old man winter is having one of his tantrums in the form of a good old fashion blizzard. Weatherman says we can expect between twelve to twenty inches of snow. This is enough to send the locals into a major panic. The mass hoards will go running to the local markets for milk, bread, juice and eggs. The shelves will be cleaned out with the slightest chance that the snow will accumulate more than six inches. This ritual has become synonymous with
 Rhode Islanders. A habit brought about by the blizzard of "78". As for myself, as long as I have enough wine, cheese and some fruit...lets light a fire and have a party.

Today the dogs were restless, in and out all day long. Molly, my two year old lab, loves to play in the snow. She runs through the snow, eats snow, and pushes her snout into holes in the snow to inhale fresh air. However, Bella and Blue are a different story. They are thirteen inch beagles that were born and raised in Georgia. They came to live with me a little over a year ago. Bella, four years old, will try to tough out the cold hoping to reinforce her role as top dog. Blue, five years old, is comfortable with his spot in the pecking order. He's content to run out do what needs to be done and then run right back in so he can curl up in his favorite spot on the couch.
Old man winter is really howling outside. The only thing one can do in a storm like this, is wait it out. I'll begin to dig out tomorrow when it stops. Until then, I think its time to pull the cork on a bottle of wine and sit by the fire.
~Old dog~

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  1. Molly looks as if she is "living the dream", curled up by the fire while the storm blows outside.
    Stay Warm!