Monday, December 27, 2010

After The Storm

~Old dog~

The storm has past, the sky is beginning to clear and I have shoveled all the snow around the house and barn.The wind is still blowing ferociously making the temperature feel like minus 2 degrees. It was definitely a three dog night last night.
Speaking of the dogs, they have been outside twice and are now snuggled on the couch in my den. Bella and Blue are snoring and Molly is barking in her sleep. She's probably dreaming of the fun she had running around in the snow this morning.
 Since everything was set around the farm, I decided to go into town. I like to survey the damage old man winter bestowed upon us and see how my neighbors have survived the blizzard.

 The walk around town was amazing, the storm dumped fifteen inches of snow on us. I used my cell phone to snap some pictures.

 The old Congregational church is near the center of town. The church is only used for special occassions, mostly  weddings or funerals. This is where my son will be getting married this coming February. I'll admit  that the snow covered ground makes for a peaceful setting, but I hope the weather is better on the day of the wedding.

~The Bean~
 I thought that I would warm my bones so I stopped by the village bean to have a cup of coffee. The "Bean" as it is called, is the only coffee shop in town and the unofficial meeting place for all the locals to catch up on the town's gossip. Most of the patrons were snowplow drivers and the buzz around the room was the storm.The accidents the saw, how many hours they logged in,and how many more they would log in before they could go home. Most of these guys have been on the road for 24 hours. They only stopped to get a cup of coffee and some lunch before they went back out to "clean up the edges" as they put it.

  As the plowcrews left the Bean I couldn't help to think how important they are to us. Without them, we could be stuck inside for a long time. I better stop and pick up some more wine and cheese before I head home. I could be another long cold night.
~Old dog~

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  1. the village bean looks fun. hope you're staying cozy. i was behind in my blogs with Christmas and am catching up.