Friday, October 24, 2014

Savoring the last of summer's offerings

I went to the garden today to pick what it had left to offer. I found some zucchini. It won't be long before the frost kills everything and it will be time to plow it all under.

I was never one that enjoyed store bought fruits and vegetables. I just can't bring myself to buy strawberries and tomatoes out of season. they just don't have any taste. For now I hope to squeeze every last bit of summer out of my garden and enjoy the taste of sunshine.


  1. So glad you were able to have a garden this year and enjoy it to the very end. Our summer was cold and my garden hardly grew.

    Enjoy! So glad to see you are still around as well. :)

  2. Hi Olddog....thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Those Zucchini and their flowers look delicious!
    Where do you live, that you are still pickin' from your garden?
    Linda :o)

  3. We are getting into the 30s at night so about all that we have are greens and winter squash. I will need to do a lot of work on the garden to have it cleared off and manured and plowed so it can be ready for spring. The zucchini looks really good, haven't seen one in awhile.

  4. Those zucchini looks so good. Now I'm craving for Zucchini pasta. :)