Sunday, July 8, 2012

Offically in Summer Mode

The school year has ended and I am offically in summer mode. I do not teach summer courses although I do spend some time in the lab doing research. However, summer is when I spend most of my time recharging my batteries. Either in the vineyard, conversing with wine lovers in the tasting room, or out on the bay sailing.
        Rhode Island is a summer state, its known as the ocean state and Narragansett is definitely a prime summer resort area. Naragansett has beautiful sandy beaches, restaurants with great seafood, and beautiful Narragansett Bay. This is a special week week out on the bay because the America's cup yacht races are underway. The cup races have been a part of Rhode Islands history for over 100 years. In 1980 it was  lost to Australia. It was reclaimed the follwing year by the San Diego Yacht club and has not been back to Newport, RI until this week.
It was a great series and it was the first time that the boats raced so close to shore. The crowds were treated to spectacular show of sailing at its best.  Next week the Tall Ships will be in port. Until then Stay cool. ~Old dog~


  1. How wonderful to have the races right in your own backyard! That is a terrific picture. It must have been exciting to have them so close. Enjoy a nice relaxing summer! :)

  2. Sounds fantastic. We visited RI in 1990 and we loved it. I hope you have the best summer.

  3. Sounds lovely. I can almost smell the salty ocean from here.
    Enjoy your summer!