Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cold day for a swim

After chasing the ducks out of the pond Molly decided it was a good day for a swim.  Its almost impossible to keep her out of the water, even when the air temperature is only 50 degrees.  My water bottle severed as a perfect substitute for a retrieving dummy. The ducks flew to the other side of the pond but Molly still kept her eyes on them in case they tried to come back.     
   Its been too wet to work out in the fields around the farm or vineyard and the weatherman is calling for one to two more inches of rain tonight. so I'm content to play with Molly for a little while longer.


  1. Labradors are born to swim. Our six year old rescue Lab (crossed with many other breeds) is the same. He cannot resist a swim even in the middle of winter and I always need to keep a pile of towels on hand to dry him! He's a proper little show off about it, too!

  2. So nice your dog has a good place to play. Labs love the water.

  3. Molly keeps me young. I often wondered who had the better life country dogs or city dogs. I live in the "country" my dogs have many fields and miles of woodlands to roam, with or without me. City dogs are required to be on a leash of undetermined length. On the other end of the leash is the dogs "owner...friend" their walks are always shared experiences. So who's experiences is better?