Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Busy Week Coming Up

Gwen Flying mission in Alaska
This will be a busy week for us. My son is getting married next weekend. Gwen flew in from Kodiak Alaska today and Joe drove in from North Carolina last Monday.They are both in the military and it is not often that we have an opportunity to all be together.  It does the heart good to have them both home in Rhode Island.
 I wish I could freeze time because the next few day will pass in the blink of an eye and they'll be gone and back on duty. If you have a loved one close by...give them a hug, tell them you love them and enjoy the few precious moments you have together. If you were all here it would be time for a group hug!
enjoy Life it passes too quickly!
~Old dog~

Joseph about to embark on a turtle rescue mission in North Carolina


  1. congratulations to your son and wife-to-be!! and, congratulations to you. i hope you have a wonderful time with them and that time slooooooowwwwws down over the next few days. now, go have some fun!

  2. Thanks, I'm enjoying every minute.